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Chip Limehouse

Former state Rep. Chip Limehouse of Charleston is the latest South Carolina Republican punked on Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series "Who Is America?"

Limehouse appeared on Sunday night's segment being interviewed by Cohen, who was made up to appear as hippie liberal mediator Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello.

Joining the lineup in the interview with Limehouse was Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher.

Cohen's character describes wanting to bring together natural enemies to talk about political healing, pointing to Limehouse as a "wretched white politician from South Carolina" and Bone Crusher, real name Wayne Hardnett Jr., as "a genius gangster rapper" from Atlanta.

The interview goes to the bizarre early with Cohen asking Bone Crusher if he thought the term "black" was offensive and then asking Limehouse how he would feel if his daughter had a black pimp.

Limehouse says he would not be pleased but then says "first of all my daughter would not be involved with any pimp. So it's an irrelevant question. Let's move to the next topic because we're not getting anywhere."

Cohen's character goes on to recite and praise Will Smith's rap lyrics, ask both men if they had seen the black-themed Academy Award-winning film "Moonlight" and then describes a homosexual encounter he once had.

Limehouse shakes his head in exasperation at one point.

"You just mumbled and bumbled about a bunch of stupidity," he says.

Reached afterward, Limehouse said he and Bone Crusher knew almost immediately the actor was being intentionally outrageous and that he did not take the interview seriously.

"How could you?" he said, saying it was clear the interviewer was wearing heavy makeup. He did not discover it was Cohen until later.

He said the interview was done last summer in Atlanta and that the production company made multiple requests for him to appear before he finally agreed.

He said he believed he was targeted because the show's goal "is to make Republicans and conservatives look bad."

Limehouse said he was paid $500 or $600 for taking part.

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"They paid me to come," he said.

This third installment of the show also targeted former Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Cohen's Israeli defense and terror expert character Col. Erran Morad is shown using a device that alerts when it nears a sex predator. It's called a "pedophile detecting machine."

The wand goes off when it is turned on Moore.

Moore was accused by multiple young women of being a sexual predator decades ago.

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was punked in the first installment when he was asked to read a speech about arming kindergarten children. 

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