Sarah Palin cited for speeding in Alaska hometown

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is shown in this October 2013 file photo during a rally in New Jersey. Palin was cited on July 16 for speeding in her hometown of Wasilia, Alaska, according to the Associated Press.

JUNEAU, Alaska - Sarah Palin is facing a $154 ticket for speeding in her hometown of Wasilla.

The former Alaska governor was pulled over July 16 and cited for driving between 10 and 19 mph over the speed limit.

The penalty includes a $144 fine and $10 police training surcharge.

An attorney for Palin said he didn't know details of the case but that Palin would pay the fine. A Wasilla Police Department spokesman did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

In discussing the ticket with TMZ, Palin made an auto racing reference, joking that she wasn't speeding, she was "qualifying."