For $1,095, a pair of Jimmy Choo leopard-print whipstitched wedge sandals will take you into the fanciest parties.

For $649, a pair of spnKiX will take you to a new adventure. At speeds up to 10 miles per hour. And for distances of two to three miles.

You won't find spnKiX in your conventional shoe stores. The battery-powered, high-tech footware was recently introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

And you'll have to adjust to a new look. They resemble a cross between a ski boot and a roller skate with oversized wheels. Each shoe has a battery and a motor, which are synchronized to work together.

For only $220, you could walk away with a pair of Eco Bioms (running shoes) with, among other things, direct injected PU midsole permanently bonded to the upper; intelligent cushioning EVA foam layer; and TPU rubber outsole offering excellent multi-surface grip.

Still pricey for shoes that require you move your own feet, but remember, exercise is good. And as more jurisdictions ban hand-held devices while driving, using your hand-held spnKiX wireless remote control might some day take you in front of a judge.