Below are the 10 Republican races and one Democratic contest that will be decided Tuesday in the parties' runoff elections.


Charleston County Council District 8

--Karen Hollinshead Brown

--Anna B. Johnson



--Gresham Barrett

--Nikki Haley

Lieutenant Governor

--Ken Ard

--Bill Connor

Education Superintendent

--Elizabeth Moffly

--Mick Zais

Attorney General

--Leighton Lord

--Alan Wilson

State House District 117

--Bill Crosby

--Jimmy Hinson

1st Congressional District

--Tim Scott

--Paul Thurmond

6th Congressional District

--Nancy Harrelson

--Jim Pratt

Berkeley County Supervisor

--Henry Brown

--Dan Davis

Berkeley County Coroner

--Bill Salisbury

--Sharon Shuler

Dorchester County Council District 2

--David Chinnis

--James E. Stein