Ron Paul leaves Lowcountry, starts last-minute statewide tour

Ron Paul speaks to the crowd at Atlantic Aviation in North Charleston on Friday morning.

Ron Paul said goodbye to the Lowcountry this morning, urging his supporters to stay optimistic about tomorrow's primary, adding that the movement will continue.

He especially noted the numbers of young people his message has attracted.

“The growth of the freedom movement has been exponential,” Paul said during a 20 minute appearance at Atlantic Aviation in North Charleston.

The comments came as part of a six city tour of South Carolina. About 150 people and media attended.

Paul did not mention any of the other three candidates, but did say his message of being a strict Constitutionalist is the most direct way to turn around the woes in Washington.

“If we become careless with the Constitution, careless with the rule of law, we will have little left,” he said.

Otherwise Paul, dressed casually in a loose-fitting sweater, stuck to his theme of smaller budgets, tigher military and less involvement overseas.

“National defense is not a subsidy for the military industrial complex,” he said.

Two of Paul's supporters present included husband and wife Irvand and Gloria Dorgen of James Island, who both said the strongly agree with Paul's message but realize his time in the spotlight is ebbing and his chances to reach the White House dim.

Paul represents “a good message,” Irvand said.”Some of that might spin off.”

Paul's appearance in North Charleston was part of a last day whistle stop tour but by plane. Other rallys are set today in Myrtle Beach, Florence, Aiken, Greenville and Columbia.