Van Liew wins 1st leg of race

'I've got aches and pains and I'm exhausted like I've never felt before,' Brad Van Liew said of Leg 1 of the Velux 5 Oceans race.

COLUMBIA — To Carolyn Lewis, Mitt Romney even looks the part.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and two-time GOP presidential candidate, spoke to about 150 capital city supporters at an international sign manufacturing plant today and Lewis was able to snag a picture.

"Isn't he something?" Lewis whispered to a fellow Romney supporter after she had brief encounter with the candidate. "He looks like a president. He carries himself well and he thinks on his feet."

Lewis, who lives in Columbia, said she's been a Romney fan since her brother-in-law participated with Romney in the successful effort to put on the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

She was impressed by the stories she heard about Romney's leadership and ability to bring people together.

Romney used the stop at Colite International to outline all the missteps he said President Barack Obama has made. Romney said they include the $787 billion federal stimulus package, cap and trade legislation, new regulations on the banking and finance industry, "ObamaCare," and appointing pro-union "stooges" to the National Labor Relations Board.

As president, Romney said he would repeal the federal heath care law signed by Obama in 2010, cut the federal workforce by 10 percent through attrition and hand over control of Medicaid to states. He also said he would restore America to a "job-creating machine" and cut spending.

A handful of Occupy protesters were escorted out of the Romney event before it started. They protested outside the facility for attendees to see as they left the property.


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