Richter to run in GOP contest

Larry Richter

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SUMMERVILLE - Town Council on Wednesday nudged closer to changing the town

elections date.

The only real concern voiced by council members was whether to keep the town's election commission rather than turn over the entire process to Dorchester County elections officials. Keeping the town's own commission would mean the town continues to certify its own candidates and voting results.

The issue is expected to be thrashed out in a public hearing before a final vote in March. Wednesday's vote was a title-only approval meaning the ordinance passed as a concept, but details have not been specified.

A change would move the election from its May date to the traditional November date that state and national elections are held. But town elections would be held in odd years, the "off" year for other elections.

Council is also faced with moving town election polling places to county precinct polls, a move some are concerned will confuse voters at first.

A change to November could save the town more than $3,000 in costs.