Rep. Carl Anderson fined, reprimanded for alleged campaign account problems

Rep. Carl Anderson.

COLUMBIA — Rep. Carl Anderson has been publicly reprimanded and fined $6,000 for allegedly accepting contributions from anonymous donors, falsifying campaign reports and failing to disclose campaign contributions and expenditures, according to a Senate Ethics Committee report issued Tuesday.

The report says that Anderson, D-Georgetown, the head of the legislative black caucus, was warned several times and granted extensions to provide proper campaign filings but did not comply. The Ethics Committee also said Anderson should donate $735 in anonymous cash contributions he accepted to the Children’s Trust Fund.

The committee found, however, that there was “no evidence of criminal intent.” Anderson did not immediately return a call requesting comment Tuesday night.

After losing a special election to Sen. Ronnie Saab to fill the seat of former Sen. Yancey McGill, who resigned to become lieutenant governor last year, Anderson filed reports that didn’t account for all of his donors, the committee found. In at least 13 cases, he didn’t report the required information, including the name and address. He also didn’t accurately report that he received $8,675 in total donations, the report said.

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The same went for his campaign expenditures, according to the Senate Ethics report. Anderson failed to disclose 28 of 33 expenditures, and reported just one expenditure of $2,797 in his final report. However, the committee alleges Anderson never made the payment. The unreported expenditures totaled around $12,500.

Because $1,609 remained in Anderson’s campaign account, he was required to continue filing disclosure reports.

The committee said that it imposed the maximum $2,000 fine for each of the three major issues it discovered because they were easily correctable, and Anderson was given ample opportunity to correct his disclosure reports.