WASHINGTON -- Jon Huntsman is moving his presidential campaign headquarters from Florida to New Hampshire, a sign that his struggling bid for the Republican nomination probably couldn't survive a poor showing in the nation's first primary contest.

The former Utah governor will close his national headquarters in Orlando and open a new one in Manchester, his campaign said Thursday. He initially planned to campaign hard in two other early states, South Carolina and Florida.

The move also shows that Huntsman has struggled to raise the money he needs to maintain the large staff he had hired in those three states.

Bachmann blames Obama for Arab Spring

CONCORD, N.C. -- Republican Michele Bachmann is blaming President Barack Obama's stand on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks for the uprisings against autocratic governments across the Arab world.

At a fundraiser Thursday in North Carolina, Bachmann traced the mass protests that sometimes turned deadly to Obama's call for Israel to return to negotiations and pull back to the territory it held prior to the 1967 war with Egypt.

In video posted by MSNBC, Bachmann said the president "has laid the table for the Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness from the United States of America."

Perry renews attack on Bernanke, Fed policy

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is renewing his criticism of the Federal Reserve Board, saying it must be more transparent.

Perry repeated in an interview that if elected president, he would not reappoint Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman.

"We would put someone in who actually believes that the private sector is how you stimulate the economy, not by printing more money at the Fed," Perry said.

GOP debate in Arizona set for CNN on Dec. 1

PHOENIX -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said a Republican presidential debate has been scheduled in the state for Dec. 1.

Brewer said Thursday that CNN will televise the debate, which will highlight Southwestern issues and give Arizona voters a close-up look at the candidates.

CNN and the Arizona Republican Party will co-host the nationally televised debate, which will be aired at 8 p.m. A venue hasn't been selected yet.

Senator upset over his hand shown in GOP ad

HELENA, Mont. -- U.S. Sen. Jon Tester isn't happy about a Republican attack advertisement portraying him with all five fingers on his left hand -- even though he lost three fingers in a childhood accident with a meat saw.

The ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee portrays Tester, a Democrat, as cozy with Washington, D.C., lobbyists. It shows a photo of Tester greeting President Barack Obama.

An edited photo erroneously shows Tester's left hand with all five fingers.

Republicans said someone else's left hand was accidentally left in the photo when people in the background were cut out to show just Tester and Obama. The NRSC said the mix-up doesn't change the message of the ad.

New Ohio election law on hold temporarily

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio's new election law that shortens the state's early-voting period has been placed on temporary hold after opponents submitted more than 300,000 signatures in their effort to get a repeal question on the 2012 ballot.

By submitting their petitions Thursday, the opponents have halted the elections law from taking effect today. That means local election officials must operate under the old law, and early voting in the state will start on Tuesday.

State elections officials must verify that roughly 231,000 of the signatures are valid to get a referendum before voters next year. That's the earliest Ohioans could decide whether the elections overhaul should be repealed.