Perry paints himself as outsider during SC campaign stop

Rick Perry talks with people at Doc's Barbecue in Columbia on Wednesday.

COLUMBIA - Texas Gov. Rick Perry told an audience at a barbecue restaurant he is the only true outsider left in the race, saying the rest of the Republican field is to blame for the country's financial woes.

"I've never been part of what I say, this corrupt relationship between Washington and Wall Street," Perry told about 40 people today at noon.

Speaking for more than a half-hour at Doc's Barbecue, Perry stuck pretty much to his campaign themes of expanding energy opportunities and secure borders. Much of the early part of his speech was dedicated to supporting the military.

While never mentioning the rest of the field by name, he repeatedly stuck to a theme of being both the anti-Romney, and the anti-rest of the pack.

"I'm the only person on that stage that's an outsider," he said.

Supporters say Perry, who trails in South Carolina polling, is making a huge commitment to his viability by staking out in South Carolina.

"He's here to stay until the primary," said supporter and former SC GOP Chairman Katon Dawson. "He's traveling all over the state."

During the question and answer session with the crowd, the first few questions covered religious issues and Perry's spirituality and defense of religion. He called the Bible "a great instructive."

"My issues are that, that book is what I look to for a host of issues," he said, "there's great wisdom in that book."