Palmetto Sunrise: Senate back in session this week

The South Carolina Statehouse

COLUMBIA -- State senators start the sprint portion of the legislative session when they return to the capital city on Tuesday.

The senators return with election filings now complete, providing them a clear view of their reelection chances and whether they can strike bipartisan compromises without spooking their bases too badly. The first issue will be ethics reform, which is the final bill with priority debate status in the chamber.

With a Statehouse corruption investigation hitting the rocks recently, the ethics bill-- which creates an independent panel to lead investigations of potential misdeeds by lawmakers instead of having individual ethics committees for the House and Senate--is expected to gain momentum, Cynthia Roldan reports.

Gov. Nikki Haley is already gearing up for the debate on the issue that has been one of her top priorities for years.

“Legislators are either for ethics or they are not,” Haley wrote on her Facebook page recently.

The Senate also begins work on the $7.5 billion budget that the House passed on March 23 before taking a two-week break.

Senate budget subcommittees will meet throughout the week and report back to the full Senate Finance Committee next week when deliberations get underway. Floor debate is scheduled for the last week of April and first week of May.

The budget is scheduled to return to the House the week of May 10, which is less than a month until session ends on June 2.

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