Palmetto Sunrise: Roads funding headed toward a showdown

If a roads package is passed this year, it’ll be the result of a late-session showdown and a race against the clock.

That much is clear after the Senate’s budget-writing committee voted for gas tax and fee increases worth $800 million and against an income tax cut to offset them, Cynthia Roldan of The Post and Courier reported. The votes tossed the House’s roads funding bill and ran contrary to Gov. Nikki Haley’s proposal.

What’s not clear with just weeks left in the legislative session is whether they’ll be able to work out their differences and what a compromise might look like — how taxes would change and how much road work it would pay for.

Even clearing the full Senate will be something of a challenge. Procedural holds meant to block the bill could delay debate, and the body has to pass a budget and work through a stack of controversial legislation.

What they don’t have much of is time: The Legislature adjourns in the first week of June, leaving its work to next year.

In other news...

The Senate gave initial approval to a body camera requirement for police, but more debate about privacy and cost is expected.

Rep. Carl Anderson, the head of the Legislative Black Caucus, was fined $6,000 for problems on his campaign finance reports.

Proposals to fire S.C. State’s board are headed to conference committee negotiations.

The university’s also getting a $100,000 donation from alumni.

South Carolina’s GOP primary will be held Feb. 20.

Isle of Palms could become the first town in the state to ban plastic bags.