Palmetto Sunrise: Rested from a two-week break, House members get back to work

The South Carolina Legislature is considering ending permanent alimony payments. (AP Photo/Bruce Smith).

COLUMBIA — After a two-week break, House of Representatives members head back to Columbia this week to tackle a host of the state’s important issues.

First up will be the roads bill that was sent back from the Senate shortly before House members head out for mid-session break. Representatives will have to determine what to do with the changes made by the Senate.

The plan scraps proposed permanent streams of cash to the Department of Transportation, such as increases to vehicle-related fees and the gas tax, in favor of pulling $400 million from the state’s coffers.

The change has enraged House members who spent months crafting the original bill. Now the House has to either agree to the Senate changes or make their own.


A panel will meet Monday afternoon to screen potential college and university board of trustees members for Francis Marion University, the Medical University of South Carolina and College of Charleston.

The education oversight committee also will meet Monday morning to discuss

Presidential election 2016

Presidential candidates will be front and center on CNN this week as they head into next week’s important primary election.

All three Republican presidential candidates will participate in town halls this week with the two Democratic candidates facing off in a debate Thursday.

Kicking things off, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his family will sit down for a town hall in New York at 9 p.m. to make his case for why he believes he should be the Republican candidate for president. Kasich is far behind in delegates needed to secure the nomination and only has won one state’s primary or caucus — his home state of Ohio.

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