Palmetto Sunrise: Problems persist with S.C.’s vehicle taxing

A 1999 Honda Accord LX. Contradicting most car-pricing guides, South Carolina's tax-value list says 1999 models are worth more than those build in 2000 or 2001.

COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s system for taxing vehicles conflicts with the values in well-known pricing guides, raising questions about the taxation of automobiles, a Post and Courier analysis has found.

In a series that started publishing on Sunday, The Post and Courier’s David Slade found that the state undervalues and overvalues vehicles. And when the state over estimates the value of vehicles, it’s up to taxpayers to prove the vehicle’s actual worth.

Part of the problem the investigation found is that South Carolina uses a price guide that is seen only by public officials, reducing scrutiny of a system that’s had serious problems in the past, Slade reported. To fix that, South Carolina could look at what other states do. Georgia publishes pricing data, while New Hampshire bases taxes on auto manufacturer list prices.

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