Palmetto Sunrise: Nikki Haley’s take of House roads plan

Gov. Nikki Haley

COLUMBIA — Gov. Nikki Haley took to social media last night to criticize members of the House of Representatives for passing a road funding reform bill that she had threatened to veto in the past.

The House’s complex plan, crafted over seven months of deliberation, will provide at least $400 million to the state’s crumbling roads, primarily through a new tax on wholesale gasoline.

But Haley had called on the legislature to instead support a plan she proposed in January that would combine a gas tax increase of 10 cents with an income tax reduction of two percent, placing “more money in the pockets of every South Carolinian, letting them keep more of what they earn.” On Facebook last night, she called the House’s plan a tax increase.

“Your Republican House just voted to raise your taxes by $365 million next year,” Haley wrote. “If that stuns you as much as it stuns me, here’s how your legislator voted. Y means they voted to raise your taxes, N means they voted to protect your wallet, NV means they didn’t vote at all.”

In a later comment, Haley added the House’s vote was “unacceptable.”

“The House just raised taxes on the people of SC in a year where we have over $400 million in new revenues,” she wrote.

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