Palmetto Sunrise: McConnell addresses 'Fun Home' as a compromise is in the works

Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell

Incoming College of Charleston president Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell took on the "Fun Home" controversy Thursday as the senator who has blocked passage of punitive cuts to the school also said a compromise is in the works.

As the P&C reported:

"It is terrible public policy to put financial penalties on people because you disagree with them," McConnell said. It also tramples on free speech and academic freedom, he said. College of Charleston professors now have the benefit, he said, of seeing the reaction to a controversial choice.

"I don't think it's my role to tell college professors what to teach, that's academic freedom," he said. "They need to ask themselves, 'is it worth it? And if it's worth it, be prepared to defend it." He added: "It certainly wouldn't be my book of choice . but I'm not on the committee and that's not my job.

A handful of College of Charleston students also held a press conference Thursday to protest the cuts. Brandon Fish, a senior, said the students support academic freedom. But the issue is bigger than that: "It's life and death for LGBTQ youth," he said.

Sen. Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg, said a deal is in the works that would tell colleges to provide alternative book choices for students. The main issue, though, still remains an impasse - whether to cut funds to the school.

Also Thursday, the state formed an advisory committee to oversee S.C. State and Sen. Vincent Sheheen wants residents to see the full hacking report.