Palmetto Sunrise: Mark Sanford interview outtakes

Rep. Mark Sanford (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt, File)

COLUMBIA — Rep. Mark Sanford spoke with The Post and Courier late Tuesday evening, concerning President Barack Obama’s State of the Union, and Sanford addressed several pros and cons he found to the president’s speech.

Sanford said every president lays out a list of “wants and goodies, many of which are undeliverable or unaffordable,” and Obama “certainly had that” Tuesday evening. When discussing “new entitlements,” for example, Obama talked about free community college but failed to lay out the details of how to pay for it, Sanford said.

He added he gave credit to the president for discussing trade policies, because they’re important to the Port of Charleston; his discussion on a new approach to Cuba, because “we’ve tried one policy for 50 years” and “it hasn’t worked;” and seeking congressional authorization for the use of force against ISIL.

“I think that’s constitutionally mandated,” Sanford said. “ I think Republican and Democratic presidents alike have gotten away from coming to Congress for authorization in the use of force and I think that’s a mistake, because body bags at the end of the day don’t come back to Washington D.C., after a conflict; they come back to congressional districts across this country. I wish he’d come earlier, but at least he laid out in the State of the Union he’s going to come now.”

Sanford also suggested Obama look at himself in the mirror and ask, “is there something I could be doing to cause a different reaction”?, because he didn’t seem to be tempering his tone on Tuesday; he instead seemed to become more defiant.

“He may not have been up for office, but a lot of other folks were, and what the electorate said was ‘we want change’,” Sanford said. “In that regard, it was an indictment on some of his policies, and a real contrast to what I saw tonight.”

Closer to home today, Gov. Nikki Haley will address South Carolina this evening, during her State of the State address at 7 p.m. Haley is expected to carve out her legacy during the address and lay out her priorities.

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