Palmetto Sunrise: Legislative deadline looms in Columbia

File/Grace Beahm/Staff

It’s crunch time in Columbia as the Legislature faces a key deadline this week.

Bills that aren’t passed by at least one chamber by Friday are unlikely to become law this year, thanks to a procedural deadline. That includes proposals dealing with police body cameras, a legislative priority in the wake of Walter Scott’s shooting death this month.

A pair of bills dealing with concealed weapons and another clarifying the South Carolina-North Carolina border are also among the bills hanging in the balance, The Associated Press notes.

If they aren’t passed, they’ll have to wait until the 2016 session next January for debate to resume.

Time is running short for this year’s session, which ends in June. Priorities that legislative leaders vowed earlier this year to act on have so far hit snags. Roads funding, tougher domestic violence penalties and ethics reform are among them.

In other news...

Senators say they might not get to roads funding this year.

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At their annual state convention, Dems discussed how they could make a comeback and pushed domestic violence reform.

Proposed changes to moped traffic laws have set up an urban-rural divide.

A former Duke Energy executive was tapped to lead the state health and environmental regulatory agency.