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Palmetto Sunrise: Jenny Horne makes tearful farewell speech on S.C. House floor

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Palmetto Sunrise: Jenny Horne makes tearful farewell speech on S.C. House floor

Rep. Jenny Horne gives her farewell speech to the S.C. House of Representatives after serving eight years. MAYA T. PRABHU/STAFF

COLUMBIA — Rep. Jenny Horne gave a tearful farewell speech Thursday morning as she prepares for her last days in the S.C. House of Representatives.

Horne, R-Summerville, thanked former state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel for her foray into politics.

When Ravenel was suspended in 2007, after being indicted on cocaine charges, District 94 Rep. Converse Chellis was appointed to the post.

Horne and three other Republicans ran for the seat in a special election primary to finish Chellis’ term, sending her and Heyword Huston to a runoff. She credits her congratulatory call to Huston with giving her the drive to try again.

“It’s a wonderful story because I probably would not have run again, but I called my opponent, like all good candidates, to congratulate him on his win and said, ‘Congratulations, I look forward to working with you. You ran a good race,’” Horne said. “And then he said to me, he said, ‘You know, this worked out better for you, anyway.’ He said, ‘You can spend more time with your children.’”

Horne said she was speechless, causing Huston to question if he should have made the statement.

“I said, ‘No, sir, you shouldn’t have,’” she said, prompting her decision to run for the seat when the term was up the following year. “And I hung up the phone and without consulting with (husband) Marc, I walked outside — I had 200 hundred suporters — and I told them all, I said, ‘Hang on to your signs, I’m running again in six months. We’re going to beat the old guy.’ And that’s exactly what we did. I beat him in every precinct but one.”

Horne will vacate her seat at the end of this term. She is challenging U.S. First District Rep. Mark Sanford in the June 14 primary.

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