Palmetto Sunrise: Evolution vote left for another day

The South Carolina state flag. (Staff file photo)

COLUMBIA - The State Board of Education postponed a vote Wednesday on newly written language for South Carolina's evolution standard.

Board member Danny Varat called for delay on the vote, because board members had not laid their eyes on the language until the morning of the meeting. The Department of Education could not post the language earlier than Wednesday morning, because staff had not received it days in advanced; the department had to wait on the Education Oversight Committee, which voted on the language during its retreat on Tuesday.

The delays follow a standards-writing procedure in which the education department - the agency tasked with writing education standards - was left out of the loop. The language, which has been touted as a compromise, requires students to understand that the theory of evolution, like any other scientific theory, may change as new scientific information is obtained.

"There's a lot packed in here," said Varat while requesting a delay on the vote. "I don't think it's fair to have (the board) vote on something like this. I would like to pass this over today."

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