Palmetto Sunrise: Education task force panel to meet

A House education panel is scheduled to meet this morning, a day after legislative leaders said they would ignore a Supreme Court order. (Lauren Prescott/Staff, File)

COLUMBIA — This could get awkward.

A day after legislative leaders said they will ignore the state’s Supreme Court February deadline to produce plans for providing students in impoverished rural districts with a constitutionally mandated adequate education some of the members of the House task force working on those solutions are scheduled to meet.

The Education Policy Review and Reform Task Force’s High Quality Early Childhood Education and Family Engagement Subcommittee meets at 10 a.m. On the agenda, a “continued discussion of Plaintiff Districts’ and Staff Recommendations.”

Consider that House Speaker Jay Lucas was so frustrated with the Supreme Court’s order that he sent a letter on Monday to Carl Epps, the attorney representing the districts which sued the state, that said Epps should withdraw the request for the deadline or forfeit his seat on the task force.

Grab your popcorn, guys.

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