Palmetto Sunrise: Can Clinton reverse fortunes in South Carolina?

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton listens to the concerns of six businesswomen at a roundtable discussion at Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles in Columbia on Wednesday afternoon. (Cynthia Roldan/Staff)

Hillary Clinton debuted her 2016 campaign push in South Carolina Wednesday, telling a women’s group that America’s middle class needs to be the next president’s focus.

As the Post and Courier’s Cynthia Roldan reported, former Clinton said hard times for most Americans is one of the country’s most pressing problems.

“It’s time to make the words “middle class” mean something again,” Clinton told a group of Democratic women. “Being middle class in America means you should feel in control of your financial destiny. It should mean that you can have a little more so that you can worry a little less.”

National and local media were invited to cover the events, but Clinton was not made available for questions. In advance of her visit, the Republican National Committee put out a video mocking her campaign style, saying her events are overly staged.

Her campaign has said she learned from her 2008 trouncing by Barack Obama, and plans to deliver a personal touch to “everyday Americans.” How do politicians do that? Food. After a roundtable event at Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles, where it isn’t known whether the Democratic frontrunner enjoyed the food, according to a pool report, Clinton stopped by Main Street Bakery, where she was in search of coconut cake.

When staff offered a full cake, Clinton said, “We can’t take a whole cake.”

Then when she saw it, she said, “Whoa, I think we need a slice or two of that.”

Clinton also ordered around a dozen cupcakes — a mix of red velvet, vanilla and strawberry.


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