Nikki Haley's campaign touts welfare-to-work program in latest ad

This screen capture is from a recently released Nikki Haley campaign ad.

Gov. Nikki Haley's re-election campaign is back on TV with a new ad promoting successes of the state's welfare to work program.

The 30-second ad says that under Haley's leadership, more than 20,000 South Carolinians have transitioned from public assistance to jobs.

"I fundamentally believe that people want paychecks not welfare checks. So, we started asking people on public assistance what kind of work they could do and we matched them up with businesses," Haley says in the commercial.

Also featured is Spartanburg resident Paula Martin, who credits Haley with getting her off welfare and into a job.

"There's dignity in working, it's what I always wanted to do," said Martin, who works for Adidas. "Gov. Haley's program helped me get there."

Haley faces Democrat state Sen. Vincent Sheehen of Camden and independent Tom Ervin in November. The new ad is part of a cycle of commercials the Haley campaign is airing in August.

See the video here: