Theron and Humbelina Shiver of North Charleston vote in almost every election and were puzzled why their precinct and polling place weren’t listed in Tuesday’s newspaper.

Only later did they learn why: Their Evanston Estates home off Dorchester Road is now in the 6th Congressional District.

“It’s a confusing thing, I’ll tell you,” Humbelina Shiver said.

Election officials expected such questions: The 1st District’s lines were redrawn last year, resulting in some precincts being split between the 1st and 6th congressional districts. Other Lowcountry precincts and polling places are entirely in the 6th District, so they didn’t open Tuesday.

Meanwhile, voters in the 6th District heard just as much about the 1st District primaries from television ads, mailings, robocalls and news stories — without realizing they couldn’t vote in it.

“I’m not surprised (about the confusion),” said Scott Marshall, director of the Beaufort County Board of Elections. “When you take a look at the media market the candidates are covering, it reaches into the 6th District as well.”

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Margaret Martin of Meggett said she didn’t have time to vote, but she and her husband Walter went anyway — only to learn they weren’t in the district. “It was very frustrating to hear you cannot vote,” she said.

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