Power outage causes Trader Joe's to toss perishable items

Trader Joe's

MONCKS CORNER -- Mayor William Peagler was visibly relieved after his proposed budget got by council Monday.

Council refused to accept the budget on first reading last week, and it's supposed to go into effect the first of October.

"I was worried after what happened last week," Peagler said after the meeting.

The mayor also still was smarting from a no-confidence vote against his administrator when he was drafting the budget the last of June. He declined to speculate whether there was any connection between council's vote against Administrator Marc Hehn and their vote against his budget.

"I don't know; they didn't tell me," Peagler said.

Councilman David Kizer said he simply needed more information about the budget last week.

"I had some unanswered questions, and now they've been answered," Kizer said after Monday's meeting.

Kizer said he would not expect to have any problems voting for final approval next month. It received unanimous approval Monday night.

At $5.8 million, the proposed 2010-11 budget is 8 percent less than last year's $6.3 million budget.

Council members have declined to explain their previous vote against Hehn, saying it's a personnel matter.

The proposed budget contains no tax increase, Peagler said. In fact, the town's portion of property taxes should be slightly lower than last year, since the town will keep less of the penny sales tax. The town is giving back 81 percent of the sales-tax money this year as a rebate on property taxes, compared with 71 percent last year, according to the town's accountant.

Council spent the most time Monday discussing whether to pay a full-time building inspector to handle the increased demand from new construction. The position would cost about $36,000 including benefits. Council agreed to hold off creating the position and to consider using the money for salary increases for county workers.

The town has annexed several new subdivisions on both sides of U.S. Highway 52, such as Moss Grove and Foxbank. At least a dozen new houses are being built in those neighborhoods each month, according to town officials.

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