Can you exit-poll better than a midde-schooler?

The University School of the Lowcountry, a private school in Mount Pleasant for grades 3-8, sent students out to polling places today for special "learning outside the classroom." The students, who had been preparing for the exercise for weeks, conducted exit polling for the Mount Pleasant Town Council and Charleston mayoral races.

After conducting up to 800 exits polls for each race, they released the results after voting was closed this evening.

Later tonight, they will get to see how accurately their polling predicted the final results.

Here's what the University School of the Lowcountry exit polling found.

Exit poll results for Mount Pleasant (four council seats):

Thomasena Stokes-Marshall, 17.7 percent

Chris O’Neal, 13.5 percent

Nick Collins, 13.3 percent

Ken Glasson, 12.9 percent

Chris Nickels, 12.1 percent

Joe Bustos, 11.8 percent

Mark Smith, 11.5 percent

George A. Freeman, 5.4 percent

W. Tate Mikell, 1.9 percent

The young exit-pollers are predicting a landslide for Charleston Mayor Joe Riley.

Exit poll results for Charleston’s mayoral race:

Joe Riley, 82 percent

William Dudley Gregorie, 14 percent

David A. Farrow, 3 percent

Craig Jelks, less than 1 percent

Joshua R. Kennedy, less than one percent