The Super Bowl trespassing case filed by Jenny Sanford against Mark Sanford has been settled, with Mark Sanford admitting he is “in contempt for this and previous instances of trespassing” into Jenny Sanford’s home.

In a consent order filed today in Charleston County Family Court, both sides said the agreement means “a full resolution” of the dispute.

Another point in the settlement is that Mark Sanford will pay $5,000 to take care of Jenny Sanford’s fees and legal costs.

And, if Mark Sanford does breach the agreement or the no trespassing stipulations of their divorce, “defendant waives any claim of immunity which would delay or precluded his having to appear.”

Jenny Sanford had accused her ex-husband of entering her Sullivan’s Island home without her permission the night of the Super Bowl. He wanted to watched the second half with their youngest son.

Jenny Sanford was not home at the time. She also said it was part of a pattern by Mark Sanford to enter her residence without permission.

The dispute surfaced during Mark Sanford’s run for Congress but was only a minor setback as he won the 1st District seat Tuesday over Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Family Court Judge Jocelyn Cate said she would hold off any sentencing on Sanford’s contempt admission based upon his compliance.

The agreement means a scheduled court appearance will not be necessary Thursday.

The penalties available in Family Court for someone found guilty of violating a divorce stipulation are imprisonment for up to a year, a fine of $1,500 or up to 300 hours of community service, or a portion of all three.