Jeb Bush to jab Obama administration on religious freedom

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush attends an event at the Metropolitan University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in April.

WASHINGTON — Republican White House prospect Jeb Bush will praise the power of “the Christian conscience in action” in a speech that jabs President Barack Obama’s administration for being “small-minded and intolerant” on issues of religious freedom.

That’s according to prepared remarks released ahead of Bush’s Saturday morning commencement address at Liberty University.

The former Florida governor will speak to an estimated 17,500 students and their families at the university, which was founded by the late conservative culture warrior, the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

In prepared remarks, Bush says, “Federal authorities are demanding obedience, in complete disregard of religious conscience.”

He continues, “Somebody here is being small-minded and intolerant, and it sure isn’t the nuns, ministers, and laymen and women who ask only to live and practice their faith.”