Charleston Symphony elects new president

John H. Warren III

Thursday's debate also was an opportunity to score points with voters at home. Takeaway moments include:

Line of the night: "Elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they'll have work." Gingrich, discussing the growth of 20-somethings still living at home.

Invoking Reagan: "I looked at the Reagan diary. You're in it once." Romney to Gingrich, downplaying his contributions to the Reagan revolution.

SNARKiest: "Grandiosity has never been a problem with Newt Gingrich. He does it very, very well." Santorum on Gingrich.

All politics is local: Gingrich scored by referring to S.C.-specific issues, vowing to speed up work modernizing Charleston Harbor and to end the lawsuit against the state over immigration.

Marriage Part I: "It's as close to despicable as anything I can imagine." Gingrich after CNN chose to make the first question about his ex-wife's open marriage allegations.

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Marriage Part II: "I'm very proud that my wife of 54 years is with me tonight." Ron Paul after Gingrich was questioned about his marriage issues.

Marriage Part III: "It's an awesome night when you see the tea party and the Republican Party sitting together." U.S. Rep. Tim Scott.