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U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford and GOP primary challenger Katie Arrington.

South Carolina congressional candidates have started spending the money they raised, flooding the airwaves with campaign ads and making their final pitches to voters ahead of the June 12 primaries.

Here are some standout numbers in a few of the state's most competitive primaries, according to newly filed federal campaign finance reports covering April 1 to May 23:

1st District (Charleston to Hilton Head)

For the first time since his 2013 special election victory, U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford has begun unloading significant amounts of his vast campaign war chest.

The Charleston Republican spent $267,000 in April and May as he prepares to face off against state Rep. Katie Arrington of Summerville in the GOP primary. Arrington spent $216,000 over the same period. Sanford still has $1.57 million left in the campaign account he's spent years cultivating, by far the largest in the state.

Joe Cunningham, one of two Democrats seeking the nomination to challenge Sanford or Arrington, raised more money than any other non-incumbent in the state in April and May, bringing in $88,000. He now has around $150,000 cash on hand. Toby Smith, the other Democrat running, has less than $4,000 left.

Arrington picked up a $1,000 donation this week from a lawyer who has spent plenty of his own time in the headlines over the past year and a half: Ty Cobb, who served on President Donald Trump's personal legal team until May. After announcing his retirement, Cobb said he plans to return to his Kiawah Island home.

4th District (Greenville-Spartanburg)

The biggest spender in South Carolina has been state Sen. William Timmons, R-Greenville, who has largely self-funded his pricey bid to replace U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-Spartanburg. Timmons spent $586,000 in April and May, not including some loans he repaid.

Despite opening a narrow lead in most polls, former state Sen. Lee Bright of Spartanburg has run a relatively frugal operation so far. Bright spent just over $31,000 in recent months, leaving himself more money in the bank than any of the other 11 candidates with around $140,000.

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Former Spartanburg GOP chairman Josh Kimbrell has been the second biggest spender in the primary, dropping $219,000. Greenville state Rep. Dan Hamilton led the pack in fundraising for April and May at $85,000.

5th District (Rock Hill to Sumter)

Even before divorce records emerged revealing that Sumter Democrat Archie Parnell physically abused his ex-wife, incumbent U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman had begun creating a cash advantage over his likely challenger.

The Rock Hill Republican now has $463,000 to Parnell's $378,000 after raising more and spending less than Parnell in April and May.

Parnell has still refused to withdraw from the race, despite efforts from Democratic leaders to push him out. Of the three other Democrats seeking the party's nomination, one — former professional clown Steve Lough — has less than $8,000. The other two candidates have not filed a disclosure.

South Carolina congressional fundraising, April 1 - May 23

Candidate District Party Raised Spent Cash-on-hand
Mark Sanford (i) 1 Republican $125,468 $267,252 $1,573,375
Katie Arrington 1 Republican $27,691 $215,909 $199,110
Joe Cunningham 1 Democrat $88,328 $158,129 $149,547
Toby Smith 1 Democrat $8,101 $4,475 $3,626
Joe Wilson (i) 2 Republican $130,913 $149,698 $590,333
Annabelle Robertson 2 Democrat $6,328 $4,013 $25,427
Sean Carrigan 2 Democrat
Jeff Duncan (i) 3 Republican $75,795 $62,406 $224,429
Mary Geren 3 Democrat $17,774 $39,276 $4,716
Hosea Cleveland 3 Democrat
Josh Kimbrell 4 Republican $48,500 $218,728 $82,581
Dan Hamilton 4 Republican $85,050 $94,880 $114,267
Lee Bright 4 Republican $48,548 $31,484 $139,608
Shannon Pierce 4 Republican $41,145 $40,441 $19,361
Mark Burns 4 Republican $13,548 $73,989 $18,329
William Timmons 4 Republican $45,565 (+ $345,000 loan) $585,653 (+ $390,000 repaid loans) $49,924
Stephen Brown 4 Republican $19,330 (+ $52,000 loan) $82,028 $46,649
John Mosser 4 Republican $8,400 $583 $16,619
Barry Bell 4 Republican
James Epley 4 Republican
Claude Schmid 4 Republican $11,209 (+ $24,700 loan) $34,214 $1,695
Lee Turner 4 Democrat
J.T. Davis 4 Democrat $1,810 $1,939 $888
Brandon Brown 4 Democrat $9,490 $16,597 $6,961
Will Morin 4 Democrat $7,347 $6,183 $5,573
Eric Graben 4 Democrat $18,943 $61,731 $8,499
Ralph Norman (i) 5 Republican $93,458 $38,620 $462,543
Archie Parnell 5 Democrat $82,315 $119,586 $377,746
Steve Lough 5 Democrat $4,751 (+ $3,292 loan) $2,399 $7,714
Sidney Moore 5 Democrat
Mark Ali 5 Democrat
James Clyburn (i) 6 Democrat $65,078 $107,651 $849,934
Tom Rice (i) 7 Republican $88,125 $46,978 $1,080,435
Bruce Fischer 7 Democrat
Bill Hopkins 7 Democrat $36,695 $49,179 $19,250
Robert Williams 7 Democrat $8,607 $7,149 $1,458
Mal Hyman 7 Democrat $12,821 $14,352 $5,233

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Jamie Lovegrove is a political reporter covering the South Carolina statehouse and congressional delegation. He previously covered Texas politics in Washington for The Dallas Morning News and in Austin for the Texas Tribune.