CHARLOTTE — S.C. Democratic Chair Dick Harpootlian compared Gov. Nikki Haley to Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler’s mistress.

Harpootlian, widely known for hyperbolic rhetoric, made the remark Wednesday morning during a breakfast for South Carolina’s Democratic delegation, a casual venue where he has fired up the home team with irreverent quips about their opposition.

For the second straight day, Haley joined Republicans for a news briefing in a studio at the nearby NASCAR Hall of Fame. Harpootlian said of her, “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”

Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey said Haley fights daily to change the state’s image, “but every time Dick Harpootlian — an attention-starved, anti-business trial lawwyer and video poker cheerleader — opens his mouth, he embarrasses our state.”

Harpootlian got a more dramatic reaction from his partisan faithful here when he referred to Haley’s predecessor as “Mark ‘Appalachian Trail’ Sanford,” and then crudely alluded to Sanford’s sex scandal.

After that, Harpootlian’s predecessor, Carol Fowler, took over the podium to announce a new speaker, joking: “They called me up here to save you from yourself. Or save the rest of us from yourself.”

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