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Haley to Trump: ‘Bless your heart’ as Twitter fight flares

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Haley to Trump: ‘Bless your heart’ as Twitter fight flares

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley with her Twitter account, in better days.

A minor Twitter war erupted between Donald Trump and Gov. Nikki Haley that included Trump misspelling the governor’s name and Haley telling the New Yorker: “Bless your heart.”

The spat started when the Republican presidential candidate flubbed Haley’s name on the social media site.

“The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Hailey!” Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon, bungling her last name.

The jab came as Haley was caught on video giving two different positions on the importance of candidates releasing their tax returns.

Footage from 2012 surfaced Tuesday showing Haley discounting the pressure for a candidate to release the finance documents, saying such public demands were done as a distraction.

“That’s nothing but a political ploy,” she said while campaigning for Mitt Romney for president.

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But appearing for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in Georgia on Monday, Haley was quoted as saying that as an accountant, she knows there is nothing in an audit that precludes someone from releasing a tax return — a defense Trump has used to turn back pressure to disclose his own tax documents.

“Donald Trump, show us your tax return,” Haley told the crowd at a Rubio rally.

While the feud played out, Trump’s Twitter account “@realDonaldTrump” retracted the misspelling and replaced it with “The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley!”

But then Haley’s “Bless your heart” comment added a Southern flair to the spat, since it’s seen as a well-known and polite way to tell someone off below the Mason-Dixon line.

The Twitter war drew fire from elsewhere. Winthrop University political scientist and pollster Scott Huffmon made sure Trump has some more locally accurate facts. He tweeted back: “Nikki HALEY has a 55% approval rating among gen pop & 81% approval among GOP primary voters.”

Misspellings aren’t a new thing for Trump. Other gaffes this year have included a line about winning debate polls as a “great honer!” and calling Rubio a “Leightweight chocker.”

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