CHARLOTTE — Gov. Nikki Haley and U.S. Rep. Tim Scott — both Republicans — crashed the Democrats’ gathering in Charlotte Tuesday to tell people why they shouldn’t re-elect President Barack Obama.

The GOP stalwarts spoke at a news conference with a group called “Obama Isn’t Working,” which is countering Democratic claims.

The news conference was held at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a few blocks from the Time Warner Cable Arena, where the Democratic National Convention is being held.

Haley spoke about women’s issues, while Scott pounced on a remark by Obama two years ago in which the president said he would give himself an “incomplete” grade because the economy hasn’t fully rebounded.

Scott, of North Charleston, said he flunked world geography, civics, Spanish and English in ninth grade.

“An ‘incomplete’ is a way of avoiding a failing grade,” Scott said.

Scott said Obama has increased the national debt and failed to create jobs.

“Foreclosures are absolutely higher. Hope is absolutely lower,” Scott said.

Obama has had plenty of time to turn his grades around and hasn’t taken advantage of it, so the country should elect Republican Mitt Romney president, Scott said.

“My failing grades became success when I had the opportunity to meet a mentor who understood how to create jobs in the private sector,” he said.

Haley, a tea party favorite elected in 2010, said it is insulting for anyone to think women only care about contraceptives or abortion. Democrats have been hammering the GOP ticket over social issues in ads in swing states.

“(Women) care about their jobs, they care about the economy. They care about whether they are going to be able to pay for their children to go to school. They care about whether their children are going to move back home or actually have a job when they come out,” Haley said.

Haley said this election is critical for America’s future.

“We all know something has to give,” said Haley, who was returning to Columbia afterward. “What I love about America is we have a chance to self-correct.”