The Republican presidential hopefuls who remain in the race after today's New Hampshire primary are expected to gather Saturday in Charleston to field questions from undecided voters.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee -- who placed second in South Carolina's 2008 GOP primary -- arranged the event in his capacity as a Fox News host. Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C., will co-host.

During Huckabee's recent show, he noted that a new poll showed that half of South Carolina's Republican voters still could change their mind on whom they will vote for on Jan. 21.

Huckabee called that percentage "staggering" and asked Scott for his take.

"If we had you, we probably wouldn't have as many undecided voters," Scott joked, then added: "The truth of the matter is we have very good candidates this time around, and that makes it more difficult.

"We are making sure we pick a good conservative and a conservative that beats President Obama. That combination gives us a lot to think about, and almost half of our voters are still going through that process."

The forum will take place at noon at the College of Charleston's Sottile Theatre, and it will air on Huckabee's Fox News show eight hours later.

The Sottile seats more than 700 people, and Huckabee said those who describe themselves as registered and undecided South Carolina voters will be given seating priority. They also will pose most, if not all, of the questions.

Scott also told Huckabee that the economy looks like the issue most on voters' minds.

"Our state has an unemployment rate that's over 10 percent, one of the highest in the nation still, so jobs, jobs and jobs will drive much of the conversation," Scott said.

Fox News also is hosting the next GOP presidential debate, which is Monday in Myrtle Beach. CNN will host a GOP debate Jan. 19 in Charleston.

"If you go"

What: Republican presidential candidate forum

When: Noon Saturday. Doors open at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Sottile Theatre, 44 George St. in Charleston

Email: Anyone interested in attending the forum for undecided South Carolina voters should email The email should include a general question for all candidates, a question for a specific candidate, your name and phone number(s).

More info: Others will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. No one will be admitted with T-shirts, signs or other candidate paraphernalia.

Reach Robert Behre at 937-5771.