Fowler to seek 2nd term as Democrats' chief

Carol Fowler

Carol Fowler said Wednesday she will seek another two-year term as chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party when it meets in Columbia this month.

Fowler has no known opponent but said she wouldn't be surprised if one emerged before the April 25 vote.

While the Democrats remain in the minority in the state Legislature and hold only one of nine statewide posts, Fowler said the party has made strides in technology, organization and fundraising.

It also picked up state and local seats last year, particularly in Charleston County, where state Rep. Anne Peterson Hutto defeated an incumbent Republican and where County Council is now in Democratic hands.

"I want to build on those things as we head into the 2010 elections, and to use the organizational work we have already done as a basis for winning statewide races," she said.

Fowler said the struggling economy has taken a toll on party fundraising. "Everybody's fundraising is down, not just in red states," she said. "We're not broke, and we're not laying off workers, but we're pinching pennies."

She was elected chairwoman in 2007. She was born in Colleton County, lives in Columbia and has been active in the Democratic Party since 1972.