Jenny Sanford engaged (copy)

Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford announced her engagement in an Instagram post Tuesday. 

She said yes.

Former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford got engaged earlier this week, saying yes to a Louisville investment banker introduced by her sister.

The husband-to-be is Andy McKay, who runs the investment banking division for Hilliard Lyons.

The couple has been dating for the past 15 months.

"She basically wore him down to come here and take me to dinner," Sanford joked Wednesday.

Their original plans were to get the ring last week, but the East Coast snowstorm messed that up. They went to Croghan's Jewel Box downtown on Monday and sealed the deal.

She described her husband-to-be as wise, kind and a good father from his previous marriage. He also gets along with her four grown children. 

"I couldn't feel more blessed," she said. "I thank God for putting us together," said Sanford, who lives on Sullivan's Island.

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Sanford served as the state's first lady beginning in 2003. Her marriage to then-Gov. Mark Sanford split apart following his admitted infidelity and they divorced in 2010.

She has not informed her former husband, now Charleston's congressman, of her plans, she said.

The wedding is scheduled for early this spring.

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