State Sen. and gubernatorial hopeful Robert Ford wrote a letter saying he was being snubbed by Lowcountry Democratic Party leaders, but some said that's simply not true.

"Since declaring my candidacy earlier this year, I have yet to receive a single invitation to any Lowcountry Democratic function from any Democratic organization in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester counties," Ford wrote in a letter to supporters. "I had hoped that this failure to invite me to some events was an oversight, (but) this obvious slight against me has continued for months, and I am no longer able to dismiss this as some negligent accident."

Dorchester County Democratic Chairman Steve Yeomans called the letter bombastic and disturbing. "There is no one in Dorchester County who questions Mr. Ford's dedication to our shared Democratic principles, nor do we disrespect him in any way," Yeomans said in a letter to S.C. Democratic Chairwoman Carol Fowler.

"We have been trying to contact the senator for some time now, but have received no reply," he said, and asked for Fowler's help in ensuring Ford received his invite. "It would be wonderful if you could see that Senator Ford receives this."

Complaints from the Ford camp are nothing new. Earlier this summer, he said he has been blackballed by Democratic donors. A party official said his fundraising weakness likely reflects Ford's support for school vouchers and legalizing video poker -- not issues that resonate with the party's base.

Ford also has written Fowler urging her to ensure he is able to participate in Democratic events across the state, and Ford has said he was pleased with the results -- except for local parties.