Fake CHS GOP page

The fake Charleston County Republican Party Facebook page, pictured here on Monday, can no longer be found on the social media platform after the actual GOP group urged its members to report the page. Screenshot.

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Fake Charleston GOP Facebook page disappears

A Facebook page that falsely claimed to be the Charleston County Republican Party has either been taken down by the social media site or deleted by the user, much to the delight of the actual GOP group.

"Online trolls are harmful to everybody," said Larry Kobrovsky, chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party. "Politics should be about promoting what you believe in and not distorting or deceiving those with whom you disagree."

The page, which appeared in early 2011, has long been a problem for the group. It became even more troubling when it recently began sharing anti-Donald Trump posts.

In the past year, the fake page repeatedly called the president a traitor. An Aug. 7 post went even further, calling for Trump to be "executed on the White House lawn."

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Pete Barnett, secretary of the local party, urged his fellow Republicans to report the page en masse to Facebook Monday during the group’s monthly meeting in North Charleston.

We wrote about the fake page in this newsletter Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday evening, the page had stopped appearing in Facebook searches.

Though Kobrovsky said he was happy to see the impostor page gone, he also lamented its loss in a lighthearted way.

"It did provide me some amusement getting anxious calls from CNN and MSNBC who were all but chomping at the bit to be able to report that the Charleston County Republican was saying what the fake website was saying," Kobrovsky said by phone Wednesday. "I was always respectful, but did take delight in bursting their bubbles a little."

Corruption trial for former state lawmaker 

The Statehouse corruption probe trail of former House Judiciary chairman Jim Harrison could be slated to start as early as this.

Judge Carmen Mullen told attorneys during a hearing in Columbia Wednesday that they could expect the trial to start on Oct. 22.

Jim Harrison (copy)

Former Rep. Jim Harrison appears with his attorney, Reggie Lloyd, last year at the Richland County Courthouse in Columbia for a bond hearing. John A. Carlos II / Special to The Post and Courier

Columbia Bureau Chief Andy Shain reports on the background of the case in light of the expected trial date:

"Prosecutors have accused Harrison of failing to reveal in financial disclosure statements while he was in office that he was paid $900,000 over 12 years by working for influential Columbia political and business consultant Richard Quinn.

Quinn created a powerhouse with a client list that included some of South Carolina’s biggest corporations, state agencies and trade groups — many of whom lobbied members of the General Assembly.

Among the laws Harrison backed was the controversial 2007 decision that allowed S.C. Electric & Gas to charge customers for a failed Fairfield County nuclear plant when Richard Quinn & Associates represented the utility.

SCE&G and its partner Santee Cooper pulled out of the failing project last year after spending more than $9 billion in what’s considered the biggest business failure in state history."

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In other news

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