Ethics Commission dismisses another eight complaints against Attorney General Alan Wilson

S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson

COLUMBIA — The State Ethics Commission dismissed another eight complaints relating to allegations of over-the-limit campaign contributions accepted by Attorney General Alan Wilson during the 2010 election cycle.

According to documents released by the commission Tuesday, the eight complaints were similar to those dismissed last week and bring the total number of complaints filed and dismissed against Wilson to 37. Except for one donation by a lobbyist, which is banned, each complaint specifies a separate donor who had given more than the $3,500 personal maximum per election cycle.

In dismissing the complaints, the commission said that Wilson admitted to errors in his campaign finance reports and quoted him as saying that accepting over-the-limit donations was “inadvertent and unintentional.” Wilson also refunded any excess contributions, the commission said.

“Attorney General Wilson and his campaign believed from the start the complaints were without merit and filed for an improper purpose,” said James Smith, Wilson’s campaign attorney and a S.C. House representative. “We are gratified to see the ... commission dismiss them all.”

Commissioners also elected to dismiss all of the complaints because they could not get in touch with the woman who filed them, Krista Thom of Kansasville, Wis. The inability to contact her “gives rise to the belief that she did not have personal knowledge of the allegations in the complaint,” the commission said. Efforts to reach Thom have been unsuccessful.

Many of Wilson’s excess contributions involved a timing wrinkle in state law that defines when candidates can accept new contributions after a primary.

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