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DeMint might limit himself to 2 terms

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Columbia -- U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., who is running for re-election, said a second term might be his last.

DeMint, who introduced a constitutional amendment to limit U.S. representatives to three terms and U.S. senators to two terms, told a Rock Hill TV station he might end his tenure in the Senate after 12 years.

"I haven't made any public promises about what I'm going to do in the Senate, but my intent is to serve no more than two terms," DeMint told CN2 News.

DeMint also has said those who favor term limits should not abandon Washington, which is what happened in 1994. Then a group of Republican freshmen pledged to limit themselves to three terms. The push for term limits died after those lawmakers honored their pledges and left office.

DeMint, through a spokesman, said staying in office to fight for term limits could keep him there past a second term.

"Senator DeMint regularly says it is his intention to only serve two terms, but he has not ruled anything out at this point," said Matt Hoskins, a DeMint aide. "He was asked Wednesday about his legislation to enact a constitutional amendment limiting senators to two terms, and he said that he would lead the way out of Washington if he could get everyone to do the same."

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