SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels thinks tackling the national debt should be a focus of anyone running for the White House. He just won't say whether it's a problem he will be taking on.

When asked by one of the more than 400 people attending a chamber of commerce breakfast Thursday about his thoughts on the nation's problems and his plans for running for president, Daniels said that the growing debt is threatening the American dream. He said even people who believe in larger government should recognize that. "I think it's the challenge of our age. It's a test of our democracy," he said.

Huntsman launches New Hampshire blitz

WASHINGTON -- Jon Huntsman's potential presidential bid intensified Thursday with his first campaign-style trip through New Hampshire -- a state that could prove key to his White House hopes.

The former Utah governor embarked on a five-day, 11-city tour of the early primary state, with a stop Thursday evening at a restaurant in Hanover.

Huntsman may not be looking to focus on his since-completed tenure as U.S. ambassador to China under President Barack Obama and his moderate stance on issues such as climate change and gay rights.

Instead, like Mitt Romney, the focus will be on his business background as a job creator. And like Romney, Huntsman may have to rely on more moderate Republicans and independents if he is to catch fire.