GOOSE CREEK -- Berkeley County officials have been studying whether to close the treasurer and auditor satellite offices.

However, that doesn't mean the offices will be closed, Supervisor Dan Davis said Monday.

"It was just discussed that we would look at this among other things," Davis said. "No decision has been made about anything."

The talk has been enough to make some people nervous. A resident sent the newspaper an e-mail saying she heard the offices would close March 1. Davis said the rumor has no credibility. The new budget year doesn't even start until July 1, and any changes in services would be discussed at public hearings before the new budget is approved, he said.

Auditor Janet Brown Jurosko said she's heard the offices were closing before and it never happened.

"The same rumors were around last year," she said. "Every year this has been rumored since it opened."

She said nobody has asked her opinion on whether the satellite offices should remain open.

"I would take a look and consider it and give council my honest opinion," she said. "I wouldn't have somebody sitting here twiddling their thumbs, because it's taxpayers' money."

The county opened the Berkeley County Service Center in a shopping strip just north of downtown Goose Creek about five years ago. The center offers services for the auditor and assessor, and it houses the main office for veterans' affairs and a summary court.

The county leases the space and would not pay any less if the auditor's and treasurer's offices closed, Davis said. Also, it's likely the two workers in each office would be transferred to the Moncks Corner offices, so there would be no immediate salary savings, he said.

On the other hand, two workers in the auditor's office are scheduled to retire this year, and the workers from the Goose Creek office could save the cost of hiring replacements, Jurosko said.

Officials likely would meet some opposition if they opted to close the offices, based on comments from residents doing business there Monday afternoon. "I used to have to drive to Moncks Corner and didn't really care for it," said Michael Lavoie, who lives near the service center and was paying his car taxes. "This is much closer."

About 50,000 people live within a couple of miles of the service center, including those just outside Goose Creek city limits. The Moncks Corner office is about 20 minutes north on U.S. Highway 52.

Shane Briggs of Summerville was there renewing his car tags.

"I'd just as soon not have to drive (to Moncks Corner) with gas at $3 a gallon," he said.

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