ROCKVILLE -- With only three candidates on the ballot in a race to fill four town council seats, voters in this tiny town in southwestern Charleston County awarded the final seat to a write-in candidate.

Patricia Giddens Wright gathered 30 write-in votes to secure a council seat. There were 44 total votes cast in the council race and the uncontested race to choose a new mayor, outgoing Mayor Mary Ann Cates said.

Riley A. Bradham II, an attorney with an office in Walterboro, got 95 percent of the vote and will be the new mayor. Along with Wright, who got 68 percent of the vote, the council will consist of incumbents Ralph Zach Nelson, who got 98 percent; Allen Whilden Holmes, 84 percent; and Henry C. Holst Sr., 82 percent, Cates said.

Rockville mayors and council members serve two-year terms.

"This is the town that I grew up in and it will be an honor to serve the people of Rockville," Bradham said.

Rockville mayor:

Riley A. Bradham II --- 42


Rockville council:

(three candidates seeking four seats)

Allen Whilden Holmes ---37

Henry C. Holst Sr. -------- 36

Ralph Zach Nelson -------- 43

Patricia Giddens Wright -- 30 (write-in)