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The usual crunch of oddball names got votes as write-in candidates in Tuesday's election, though some turned out to be intriguing.

One particularly close race was for S.C. attorney general, according to names written in by voters in Charleston County.

Someone named "Anyone Else" got a write-in vote. He was as popular as Bozo, who got one vote, too.

Giant Meteor got a vote as well to be the state's top lawyer.

Jesus Christ got one write-in vote.

As did Jesus Christ the Nazarene, with one vote.

After being defeated in his June GOP primary by Katie Arrington, U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford got well more than 100 write-in votes in Charleston County.

His numbers were probably a bit higher. Some voters backed candidates named Stanford or Mark Standford.  

Elections Director Joe Debney said the write-in names are computer tabulated as a means of keeping an accurate count on the off-chance that someone may actually win a write-in campaign.

Otherwise, he doesn't pay much attention to the list.

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Some of the other popular names Tuesday included: 

For Attorney General: Jim Harrison, the former Statehouse lawmaker convicted in the Statehouse corruption probe; Minnie Mouse, the Disney celebrity. 

For County Council: A rock. A True American. Another option. Any Dem. Anyone But a Traitor Republican. Axl Rose. Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders. Bill Murray (more than once). Daffy Duck. Elvis. Mick Jagger. The X-Men.

For School Board: Bart Simpson. Cam Newton.

You get the picture.

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