Minnie N. Blackwell

--Age: 57

--Family: Three daughters, two grandchildren

--Residence: Hanahan

--Occupation: Mayor of Hanahan, science teacher

--Education: Ph.D., education

--Public offices: Mayor of Hanahan, Hanahan City Council

--Contact: MBlackwell@aol.com; 729-2210

Henry E. Brown Jr.

--Age: 74

--Family: Wife, Billye Beaver Brown, three children, five grandchildren

--Residence: Hanahan

--Occupation: Congressman, retired vice president at Piggly Wiggly Carolina Corp.

--Education: Berkeley County High School, courses at The Citadel, Baptist College, IBM Management and technical schools

--Public offices: U.S. House of Representatives, S.C. House of Representatives, Hanahan City Council

--Website: www.facebook.com/HenryBrownforBerkeleyCountySupervisor

--Contact: 744-2039

Daniel W. Davis

--Age: 59

--Family: Wife Mary, one child

--Residence: Hanahan

--Occupation: Berkeley County supervisor

--Education: B.A., political science; M.A., public administration

--Public offices: Berkeley County supervisor

--Website: (Facebook) Dan Davis, Berkeley County supervisor

--Contact: dwdavis@berkeley countysc.gov; 719-4094