In the year since Republican voters in Berkeley County’s District 3 chose Ken Gunn to fill a seat on county council, he has wasted no time getting to work on county business.

Behind the scenes, a lawsuit played out, coming to an end last week when the suit filed by Gunn’s opponent in the June 2012 primary, former councilman Bob Call, was dismissed by the South Carolina Supreme Court as moot because the general election has already taken place.

Gunn, chairman of the county’s justice and public safety committee, has not commented while the case was pending, but this week said, “The bottom line is simple: There was an election; he lost by 16 percent of the vote; and now he thinks he’s a victim.”

Four months after Call lost to Gunn, 371-265, in the primary, he filed the suit challenging the results, naming as defendants Gunn, the county and state Republican Parties, the county and state election commissions, and individuals within those organizations.

Call charged that Gunn filed his candidacy paperwork late, an issue that kept more than 200 candidates off primary ballots statewide last year. Gunn and Callanan, a county councilman who was also chairman of the county Republican party at the time, showed that Gunn filed his Statement of Economic Interest on time.

Call lost his original lawsuit and several appeals leading to the state Supreme Court.

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