Biden stops for ice cream, selfie on Kiawah Island

Britany Sease (left) and Pebbles Goodwine (right) pose while Vice President Joe Biden, who uses Sease's phone to take a selfie at the Marble Slab on Kiawah Island where Sease and Goodwine work.

Joe Biden stopped in at Marble Slab to get some ice cream to go during one of his semi-annual trips to Kiawah Island Saturday. But first, he took a selfie.

Marble Slab Assistant Manager Pebbles Goodwine said she served the vice president and his wife two peanut-dipped cones and a couple of pints of ice cream to go when her cousin and coworker, Britney Sease, asked if the three of them could take a picture together.

Sease looked around for someone to take their picture, when Biden snatched her phone from her hands.

"He just grabbed my cousin's phone and said, 'Hey, let's take a selfie,'" Goodwine said.

Sease said the veep was pretty handy with the iPhone.

"He just grabbed the phone, put the front-facing camera on and took the picture himself," she said.

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They weren't the only ones to get a selfie with Biden. More pictures popped up from his visit to Seacoast Sports and Outfitters.

Biden sightings aren't unusual in the Lowcountry. He usually visits around Easter every year but had to reportedly delay the trip this year. His visits usually ignite a flurry of social media complaints about the traffic delays his caravan causes. And this trip was no different, as a few folks tweeted about being late because of the motorcade.