Berkeley foes trade barbs prior to runoff

Davis, Brown

A television ad for Berkeley County Supervisor Dan Davis shows him hard at work in his office, "keeping the county strong."

The ad for retiring U.S. Rep. Henry Brown, who is trying to take Davis' job, shows a leaky faucet and criticizes Davis for building a "waterline to nowhere" at taxpayer expense.

"I hope people notice the difference" in the campaigns, Davis said Wednesday.

Brown pointed out that Davis also is doing negative campaigning. In a mass mailing, Davis said he was cutting taxes while Brown helped raise taxes in Washington.

Brown bristled at being lumped with the Democrats in Congress. "That's a campaign of deception," he said.

Davis and Brown finished almost in a dead heat in the June 8 primary.

Davis was making campaign phone calls from home Wednesday afternoon after spending the morning in the supervisor's office.

He will be back in the office today for a meeting on the controversial proposed budget, which has become a major campaign issue.

Brown was taking time off from his congressional duties this week.

He will remain in the Lowcountry until after Tuesday's runoff with Davis.

Both candidates were preparing another mass mailing.

Brown will detail his accomplishments and highlight the endorsement from Hanahan Mayor Minnie Blackwell, who received almost 19 percent of the votes in the three-way primary last week.

Davis said he was still working out the details of his new mailing.