Two newcomers running as a team on a anti-growth platform handily defeated the two town council incumbents in Awendaw on Tuesday, while McClellanville's Town Council did not change.

In Awendaw, Samuel Robinson and Nell Daniels won seats on council, with 35 and 34 percent of the votes cast respectively.

"I believe that the results tell us, Nell and I, that the people have reposed a special trust in us," Robinson said. "It is my hope that we, as council members, will rededicate ourselves to the preservation of this town, it's historical character. That we would rethink, or they would rethink, condoning these huge gated communities."

Daniels and Robinson have said the direction council was heading in regards to growth would harm the town's rural appeal. They are founding members of the Awendaw Community Action Group, a committee of residents that formed as the town moved forward with approving large subdivisions that would more than double the number of homes in the town of 1,200.

They will serve four-year terms.

Throughout their campaign, Nell and Robinson have said that the current council had failed in meeting the town's mission statement of maintaining a rural atmosphere. Just before the election, the town announced plans to request bringing sewer service to town.

Incumbent Jeffrey Coan received 13 percent of the votes, while incumbent Delores Cooper received 12 percent. Coan and Cooper have said recent proposed developments, such as the gated communities planned for the White Tract and Fenwick at Bull's Bay, are good examples of controlled growth.

A fifth candidate, Joseph "Bo" Bowers, a battalion chief with the Awendaw Fire District, received 6 percent of the vote.

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Awendaw voters also approved increasing the number of council members from four to six, a change that will take effect in the 2009 election. Fifty-three percent of voters approved the change. Council members said they put the measure on the ballot because of Awendaw's impending growth.

In McClellanville, all races were races. Town council members Aaron Baldwin, Robert Gannon, Gussie Humes and Jim Scott, as well as Mayor Rutledge B. Leland III, will keep their seats another two years.

Reach Kristen Hankla at 937-5548 or khankla@postand Jessica Johnson contributed to this report.