A Charleston man with unpaid parking tickets was arrested this week after police say he struck a parked car while trying to drive away before authorities could tow his truck.

The incident happened at 11:05 a.m. Monday on Coming Street.

The city's code enforcement officer told police that she and another officer were about preparing to tow the suspect's Dodge Ram for $370 in unpaid parking tickets when the 19-year-old suspect approached them.

The officer explained to the suspect that they had to tow the truck because the boot would not fit on his truck's tires. The suspect became angry that he couldn't pay the fine on the street. He cursed and yelled at the officer, an incident report says.

While the officer and the suspect's girlfriend were attempting to work out an arrangement, the suspect got into his truck and was attempting to leave the scene when his truck hit a parked vehicle, according to the report.

The suspect realized he couldn't get his truck out of the parking spot and walked away from the scene. A police officer responding to the scene caught up with the suspect on Spring Street and detained him.

A background check revealed the suspect had a suspended license on four counts of unpaid traffic tickets, the reports says.

Police charged Bradley Garrett Wyman, 19, of Charleston with driving under suspension, leaving the scene of an accident and disorderly conduct.

The suspect told police there wasn't any damage to the vehicle he hit.

Police were unable to find the owner of the car that was hit in the incident. An officer left his card on the car's windshield.